i'm making a new site!

it's going to have a lot of personal content

((vents and such))

i think it'd be better to have a personal page than

posting strange things on my main ^^"

working on this new site may result in another big absense soo...

see u soon!


sorry for another big absence!!

sometimes i forget i have this page ^^"

also things have been pretty stressful for me

everythings ok atm!!

anyways i hope to add more soon!


it's been a little bit! how r u?

i recently started playing toontown again!

im also having lots of fun talking with my friends :^)

i also finally have a therapist scheduled and i'm pretty

happy about that! (i've been meaning to speak to one for a

few years now)


i've been playing an awful lot of minecraft lately

it's very relaxing

it has helped me wind down these past couple of days


i'd like to make a series (like a comic or animation series) that's kinda

like a slice of life but also has surreal and creepy elements

i think that'd be neat


im so tired of being sad all the time